Kind Words

Kind words not only lift our spirits in the moment they are given, but they can linger with us over the years. ~Joseph B. Wirthlin

For Massage & Yoga

"Jennifer is a phenomenal sports massage therapist. She is very intuitive and sensitive to my well being. Being an aging athlete, the need to take care of myself is my number one goal and Jennifer is a key component to achieving that goal. Jennifer not only relieves the current soreness but also helps prevent future injuries through her knowledge of the movement of the body. I cannot recommend Jennifer highly enough, especially for what she has been able to do with me." ~ Lance Parker

"Jenn gives a wonderful massage. As someone who has had many, many massages, Jenn is among my favorite massage therapists. Her touch is strong and caring. She has an ability to easily find my areas of tension and work them out in a way that is effective and feels good at the same time. Her massages are wonderful combination of relaxation, stress relief and specific muscular work. I will definitely be getting (and looking forward to) more massages from her in the future!" ~ Alison Bode

"Jen was the instructor of the first ever yoga class I took, an event that changed the course of my life for the greater good. I got up from Savasana that first session glowing with vitality and the foundation for a new relationship with my mind, body and spirit. I felt Jennifer’s powerfully positive energy throughout the class and I was quite excited to attend the following day. She is truly caring and compassionate with her students, and many anticipate the opportunity to greet her as she arrives at the studio to share her gift. She does a great job being aware of and offering options to the different skill levels of those in the class and always facilitates a fantastic flow. Jen has truly been a blessing in my yoga practice and in my life. I am incredibly grateful that she is here to help me develop in to my best self." ~ Evrett Marr

I took one of my first yoga classes with Jennifer at the University of Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and I have her to thank for introducing me to such a special part of my life and deciding to continue with my yoga practice after my first few classes. She truly brings a special and unique energy and light into the room. She always creates the most beautiful flows that not only generate heat and energy, but also incorporates peaceful postures at the end of the class that leave you feeling relaxed, calm, and in control of your thoughts again. Jenn puts her whole heart into every class and has the ability to brighten anyone’s day. She also knows how to create a perfect playlist that match the postures and creates an ambient environment. She is not only my favorite yoga instructor, but she is also such a great friend to me and so many other people. So go and take one of her classes, you definitely won’t regret it. I promise." ~ Lauren Barone

"I've been working with Jen on a nearly weekly basis for the past few months. She is truly gifted at her craft and after meeting her you can sense how much she cares about the work that she does. Overall, for what it has done for improving my physical well being as well as getting to know a genuinely kind hearted and hard working individual, my time spent under Jennifer's supervision has been an awesome experience!" ~ Hunter Herrin

"Jennifer exudes love, grace, beauty both inside and out. I trust her to come to class with energy, compassion, and a true interest to get to know her students. I always feel welcome, appreciated, and taken care of— no easy feat! Her classes are upbeat, challenging, and can absolutely be restorative at the very same time. She is one of SLO's great yoga teachers and has so much to offer our town. I am so grateful for her genuine nature and wonderful hands on adjustments (heavenly!). I highly encourage novice and experienced yogis to take her class because she can handle both student types." ~ Holly Stevenson

"As a 10+ year practicing yogi, I've attended classes from more teachers than I can count. I can state however, without hesitation that Jennifer Lovas is at the top of my list. Her wisdom is years beyond her age and don't let her beauty mislead you. She has worked harder than most to get where she is today and knows her stuff." ~ Brian Schwartz

"Speaking as a regular in Jen's class, I can say that she is a master in her craft. As you take in her warm, nurturing vibes, her gentle voice will guide you to connect with your higher self. I'm so grateful for having Jen to guide my practice. She is a lovely soul on and off the mat." ~ Rick Joseph

"I have been attending Jen's classes for a couple of years now, and I always come away from those classes with a fulfilling calmness. She is a talented yoga instructor with the special gift of making the student feel inspired and pushing us to our natural limits." ~ Greg Frugoli

There's something very special about Jen; she makes you feel as if she's known you her whole life. The second you walk into her class, you feel comfortable and at home. From vinyasa to restorative, Jen always leaves you feeling balanced, rejuvenated, and restored. I'll never forget the moment I fell in love with Jen as a teacher as she cued her signature forward fold, "inhale rise, exhale let that shit go!" I have a deep appreciation for teachers who show up as themselves, and Jen does just that. In addition to her amazing presence and fantastic sequencing, she gives the best adjustments. Jen is full of love and has a special intuition for reading her students. When I show up on my mat with Jen, I know that I'm going to feel her special spirit and take her teachings with me wherever I go. A true teacher leaves an everlasting energy that students can hold with them on their mat, as well as off — Jen is a perfect example of this special gift. ~ Kiley Schottenfeld

Yoga with Jen Lovas is a truly solid and creative journey through strength and flow. Her music perfectly weaves and compliment her Yoga dance, enhancing the whole experience. She holds a beautiful space for her students, pairing love and compassion, with humor, encouragement, and grace. I leave every one of Jen's classes feeling stronger, more at peace, and content. ~ Melinda Kincaid

Jennifer's classes always leave me feeling amazing. She masterfully pairs creative sequencing with precise cues and keeps the class in high spirits with her light and fun personality. She is truly a yogi. ~ Vince Cimo

Jennifer Lovas lives up to her name, creating a loving accepting environment. She is adaptable to all ages and preferences. Her classes are accepting to all different skill sets. Entering a trance of tranquility was always easy in her classes. ~ Hunter Sinclair

Jennifer was first recommended to me by my chiropractor, who provided yoga therapy in conjunction with his course of treatment. That turned out to be the best recommendation I could have been given for my hip pain. Over a period of weeks of yoga therapy the pain in my hip eventually disappeared and I was able to cancel the hip surgery I was going to have. Three cheers for Jennifer and her skills as a yogi and massage therapist! ~ Nicole Hoffman